Chikankari Suit Set

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      Chikankari Suit Set

      What is the chikankari Suit set?

      The Chikankari suit set is a legendary apparel that dates back to the tradition of Nawabs and Mughals in India. The intricate work of thread defines the rich and strong feminist looks to the universe. The design was first introduced by the Nawabs of Lucknow in the 19th century.

      Later the queen of Jahangir (Noor Jahan) was fascinated by the unique designs and the work of embroidery over a chikankari kurta and pant set. They gave the chikankari dress geographical recognition as the lucknowi kurta and lucknowi suit set.

      Earlier the chikankari design only favours the muslin fabric to give a lavish look. But with the evolving times and trends the artist and designer decide to launch a chikankari design in a cotton and silk fabric. These are lightweight fabrics that allow the skin to breathe during hot breezy summers in India.

      This feature attracted not only indian ladies but also foreign women to wear chinkakari suits during their regular lifestyle. The kaajh also offers designer chikanari kurtas and palazzo sets that provide comfort in each role played by women.

      Different types of Chinkankari suits Offered by Kaajh:

      With the evolving time chikankari also evolves in designs and cuts to compete with the modern world's trends and to remain the top priority in providing comfort during women's lifecycles. That's why the kaajh offers a mesmerizing collection of chikankari and lucknowi dresses.

      Lucknowi Salwar suits:
      One of the versatile and stylish lucknowi chikankari dresses is a salwar suit. .It includes a set of kurta and flared palazzo. The kaajh offers the mermaid colors like Blue, White, Red, Pink, Black, and Wine.

      Lucknowi Anarkali Suit set:
      This lucknowi Anarkali suit is our latest collection in resemblance with the era of the Mughal. These suits are perfectly crafted to allure the beauty of young girls to newly married women. Crafted with pure cotton fabric for special or regular movements of life.

      Why to Buy chikankari from Kaajh??

      The kaajh has experienced artists who showcase various stitched techniques and legacies passed on through generations. In each dress, we have intricate qualitative fabric and unique designer cuts that define the beauty of women during regular and special events.

      How to Style Your Lucknowi Suit Set According to the Occasion
      The Chikankari is a sophisticated dress that transcends your looks according to the events and occasions in your perfect life cycle. The event such as

      Events in college or with friends
      The girls can opt for a lightweight chikankari kurta with denim jeans, shorts, or a jacket that gives a chill and comfortable lifestyle in their colleges and schools. To add more you can wear a matching jutti and nail polish that optimize your look.

      For Wedding and Party Events:
      The chikankari plays an important role in defining your beauty during festivals weddings and family gatherings. To steal the limelight every season, You can pick the pair of the long chikankari suit set with the right jewelry, lipstick, and Makeup that elevate your classical look.

      For Office and Corporate
      The Lucknowi salwar Suit plays an important role in giving confidence during corporate meetings and projects given to young professional women.