About us

Kaajh is a love letter to the everyday woman — weaving tradition with comfort across warps and wefts.

Homegrown in the hands of local artisans, KAAJH celebrates the beauty of ordinary lives and structures garments to suit every lifestyle. This is a one-stop solution for the best Indian women’s clothing: Ethnic Wear, Kurta-Kurtis, Sharara Sets, Suit sets, Gowns, Dress etc. — all your latest fashion needs to be met online!

We took what was born out of love and passion to create thoughtful women’s clothing under “KAAJH” a household name for every wardrobe.

“KAAJH” is registered trademark under class 25 of Intellectual Property, India by the parent organization named NISHA COLLECTION.

Drawing footnotes from a rich history of culture and comfort — we are sustainable and environmentally safe; bringing designs that honour diversity and keep you in style.


Kaajh is not just another fashion label; it is a collaborative community that works with promising designers full of potential to weave magic. It’s amusing to see the talent we have in India, the taste of each designer – refreshing and unique. With KAAJH you can expect an assortment of styles that not just reflect but compliment your inner flamboyance.

For every confident, poised, elegant, and graceful woman who is not afraid to wear her beauty inside out with quality women’s dresses. 

KAAJH-Where Tradition Meets Comfort!